Alex Marion new single "Spirit" Produced By Jordan Johnson


Alex Marion new single "Spirit" truly touches the soul and reminds you the beauty of being human. The essence of the message stays with you after you stop playing the record. Composed at IKIC studio's, this beautiful song started as a scaled down production with a more playful melody but once Alex played back the stems he quickly realized the soul and power behind this record. "Spirit" is co produced by Jordan Johnson and features live bass by Malcolm-Jamal Warner. This is Alex Marion first single from his new album arriving May 2020.


William Lamar

William Lamar new single "Give Up"

William Lamar new single comes just at the right time. Over Jordan Johnson production he  delivers a heart felt response to critics and family about giving up when times get tough. Stream, Share, Save It on all platforms.


211 Godgifted new album "2 Gifted"

Get the scoop on the new 211 Album

Take a listen to the talented "211 GodsGifted" As he gives you the reason why he's ready to take over the world. From his humble beginnings in Baltimore, MD to learning and understanding his gifts by moving to Atlanta GA. This album is a raw emotional spill with a certain soulfulness that connects the heart of the listener.

Alex Marion new single promo video with VFX

@alexmarion_music new single "#Atlanta” is being mixed and I will share some sweet details about his new album really soon. Be sure to check out for #new #videos, blogs, merchandise and more. Big shoutouts to the label @ikeepitclassic and @brendonvfx #brendonvfx we had so much fun shooting this!! Let’s keep staying #positive. #ikic #ikeepitclassic


Stream I.L Cleveland's Own new album Rocket Science 2.0

Rocket Science 2.0

In 2009, I.L released an album with Dj Don Cannon titled Rocket Science that created a great amount of momentum for his career as an hip hop artist. That album is considered to be a classic album for hip hop  music lovers. 11 years later, I.L  has released Rocket Science 2.0 produced exclusively by Jordan Johnson. The album features guest appearances from Grammy award winning, Malcolm- Jamal Warner, Mike Snotty, with new comer Alex Marion, William Lamar and Lateefah on the project as well. This album was created with the intentions of providing high quality hip hop music.


I Keep It Classic, LLC is an independent lifestyle brand and event marketing company that provides a platform for entrepreneurs,  independent artists, tech startups, and more, while simultaneously integrating art, music, technology, education, and community involvement into all aspects of I Keep It Classic, from hosting events to independent client representation.  I Keep It Classic, LLC represents all facets of grassroot marketing and new consumer retention. We are currently working with artist, entrepreneurs and startups throughout the United States and a select group of international and independent musicians.

Our unmatched connections, know-how, exclusive events, and industry influences help brands better understand their power as an individual talent. Our grassroot marketing expertise has the ability to influence and reach large groups of influential people, brands, and potential consumers.

We utilize diversity, mixed research methodologies, up to date technology, global perspectives, and active community involvement in all we do. We pride ourselves on diversity; working toward positive images for all clients associated with I Keep It Classic.

Babies - Produced by Jordan Johnson

I pray all inner city kids dreams come true, now and forever,

We are a full service entertainment company based in Atlanta

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We offer full rehearsal space and writing rooms.

We offer full rehearsal space and writing rooms.

We offer full rehearsal space and writing rooms.


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