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Our unmatched connections, know-how, exclusive events, and industry influences help brands better understand their power as an individual talent. Our grassroot marketing expertise has the ability to influence and reach large groups of influential people, brands, and potential consumers.

We utilize diversity, mixed research methodologies, up to date technology, global perspectives, and active community involvement in all we do. We pride ourselves on diversity; working toward positive images for all clients associated with I Keep It Classic.

I Keep It Classic, LLC Partnership/Sponsorship (see Sponsorship Packages for more information):

I Keep It Classic believes in each brand it represents, every event hosted, and every sponsor selected. Our positive image comes with proven results. We work with highly diverse sponsors, and we seek sponsors that have similar business ideologies and visions as I Keep It Classic. Each sponsor is carefully chosen, catering to the image of every entity represented.

What sets I Keep It Classic, LLC apart from other lifestyle brands and event marketing companies?

I Keep It Classic understands managers are busy; especially with the current economic situation, and I Keep It Classic caters to this circumstance in all of the services we offer. Our clients are able to leave the work up to us.

I Keep It Classic caters marketing events to your business--- WE LISTEN --- we cater to what your business wants--- we choose events and all components associated with an event with our clients vision in mind and marketing objectives are considered in every decision made. We choose marketing events/platforms that fit well with the products your business offers.

I Keep It Classic targets the important questions in your desired market through extensive data collection… a). What do people in your target market perceive to be the greatest problems they face, or b). the biggest goals they wish to achieve?

I Keep It Classic avoids “CEO Syndrome” by making sure all the work is done by us. We make sure your staff is on track. We work as a team with your employees/management/staff/volunteers. we consider marketing objectives in every decision made. We develop a relationship with our clients.

I Keep It Classic is committed to the event and the sponsor for the long term. We give the event and sponsor ample exposure prior to the event, during the event, and after the event has occurred. We are dedicated to making necessary adjustments to events and doing them again with better results based on feedback from previous events…We believe in Customer Service. We are dedicated to creating a link between the Event and the Sponsor.

I Keep It Classic prides itself on Positive support from our staff, as well as our sponsor’s staff, and Positive Feedback from our consumers. We will not let them give up or become negative. I Keep It Classic works closely with their clients/sponsors to positively promote to target audience.

I Keep It Classic wants its Sponsors to gain a competitive advantage in their desired markets, increase credibility, image, and prestige in sponsoring events by positively attracting their target market. We believe your competitive advantage, credibility, image, and prestige is ours!

 Keep It Classic provides evidence as to why we believe certain solutions/choices are the best possible strategy. 

I Keep It Classic believes our expertise is nice-to have/comforting, improves quality of life for employees and target market ; As a business, our services are something you need, and we can show you proven examples of results from other companies of how we have enhanced bottom lines, and we can do the same for you.

I Keep It Classic always works with a strategy. We can give you a strategy as to how we will go about generating traffic to your website, generate content exposure, and give you variety and creativity to meet the needs and distribution of content. We create elevated awareness and credibility to markets.

I Keep It Classic believes in data driven results, and event marketing data shows us our business is the first step in the right direction.

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I Keep It Classic, LLC is an independent lifestyle brand and event marketing company that provides a platform for entrepreneurs,  independent artists, tech startups, and more, while simultaneously integrating art, music, technology, education, and community involvement into all aspects of I Keep It Classic, from hosting events to independent client representation.  I Keep It Classic, LLC represents all facets of grassroot marketing and new consumer retention. We are currently working with entrepreneurs and startups throughout the United States and a select group of international and independent musicians.

Ikeepitclassic, Rafiellek kirkland, music, art, Atlanta, recording studio

Discover, Develop, Sign

Music, Film, Television, Tech, Community

Music, Film, Television, Tech, Community

We believe in discovering talent, developing and building strategic partnerships. Our company focus is on nurturing and supporting creatives and scaling the artistic vision.

Film, television, music, Rafielle Kirkland, Atlanta, Georgia

Music, Film, Television, Tech, Community

Music, Film, Television, Tech, Community

Music, Film, Television, Tech, Community

We create our narrative and push the culture forward with media by collaboration, disruptive business models and empowering our creators, supporters and partners with an inclusive vision.


Close the deal

Music, Film, Television, Tech, Community

Close the deal

We provide the highest quality of content to our partners. Music, Film, Podcast, Visual Art, Soundstages, Recording Studios, Graphic Design, Soundtracks, Advertising, Locations, and more.